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Address: 10 Minamikōya Takatsukayama Kawahigashi Town Aizuwakamatsu City,Fukushima Prefecture,969-3441 Japan

Closest Station: Hirota station (Ban-etsu West Line)

Closest Interchange: Bandai Kawahigashi IC

 The distance

  • From Bandai Kawahigashi IC is about 5 minutes by a car
  • From Hirota Station is about 5 minutes by a taxi and about 30 minutes on foot
  • From Aizu Wakamatsu Stasion is 15 minutes by a taxi, and 30 minutes by a bus

By train

This route needs about 2.5h, 9,000Yen
*Rapid train doesn’t stop at Hirota


This route needs about 4.5 h, 6,000 Yen

By bus

Scheduled bus “Kawahigashi-Minato line”「河東・湊線」 takes you to Nisshinkan from Aizu wakamatsu station.

Time table

  • fare is 420 yen
  • Take care that the final bus from Nisshinkan to Aizu wakamatsu station is at 16:53.

By Car

This route needs about 3.5 h, and highway fare is about 7,500 Yen


The road leading to Nisshinkan is along prefectural route 33.

There is an information that some types of car navigation systems take you wrong route.

Please confirm the right route by the map.

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