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2019年10月17日  カテゴリ: 英語ver

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300 yen for 5 arrows

NO.1 popular experience.
Our staff tells you how to shoot arrows.

Arrows shooting distance is shorter than official game.
Bow you use is smaller than for official game.
If you are even beginner, you can shoot arrows easily and safety.

I recommend you that you bow toward a target before and after you shoot arrows.
We Japanese think all thing around us is our teacher. We respect all thing like the sun, sea, mountain. And a target is also our teacher.
A target maybe tells you many things.

【needs 10 minutes】

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You can paint souvenir in our region by your hand.

Red cow : 920 yen

Self righting dolls (2 dolls) : 770 yen

Wooden sword : 920 yen

【needs 40 minutes】

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*Needs 10 over people, and needs a reservation.

500 yen

 Person in charge can explain about Zazen to  you in English.

We tell you how to Zazen, what is meaning of Zazen.

It is training of mind. We believe that You find something new in your mind.

【needs 45 minutes】

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Tea ceremony

*Needs 10 over people, and needs a reservation.

540 yen

Japanese tea ceremony is said art of hospitality.

You can enjoy delicious green tea as guest of ceremony.

And you will know etiquette of samurai.

【needs 45 minutes】

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