What’s Nisshinkan?

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2019年10月17日  カテゴリ: 英語ver

Nisshinkan is a school for samurai children in old day Japan

On the period samurai govern, there were schools for children of samurai each cities in Japan.

Children who are family line of samurai studied in a school to be a good samurai.

They studied many subjects, both academic and martial arts.

There were about 300 such schools in Japan then.

Nisshinkan was said one of biggest schools, and was said one of schools which had the highist quality of education.

Original buildings of Nisshinkan was burned by civil war in 1868 unfortunately.

Today, we rebuilt Nisshinkan as a museum you can know about old school for samurai in japan.

You can try any experiences like archery, painting, Zazen, and tea ceremony. And you can touch mind of samurai from those.

We believe that our old culture you never seen yet will give you something new.

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