The beginning of Aizu clan

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Ieyasu Tokugawa(1543-1616) was founder and first shōgun of the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan.

Ieyasu Tokugawa’s grandson, he is first feudal lord in Aizu clan Masayuki Hoshina(1611-1673).

Masayuki Hoshina is known that he supported 3rd shogunate Iemitsu Tokugawa(1604-1651), his elder half brother.

Masayuki mother was low position person, so some of shogunate had prejudice.
But Iemitsu heavily trusted Masayuki, who had both wisdom and action yet was humble.
Masayuki respected Iemitsu too.

Masayuki’s work greatly contributed to the establishment of the early Edo Shogunate.

Iemitsu, who was on the death floor, called Masayuki from many of his line-ups and entrusted him to the future of the family.

After that, Masayuki moved from Edo to the north, Aizu.

Aizu clan was an organization established by Masayuki to protect the Tokugawa shogunate with heavy loyalty and rightness.

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